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Treating Pilonidal Disease on the Gold Coast

Welcome to the world of pilonidal disease care! Dr. Manzoor Abbas is a pilonidal disease specialist in the Gold Coast area, offering innovative and effective treatments for those seeking relief from this chronic and painful condition. With years of experience, patients can trust that they are placing their health in capable hands. Let’s take a closer look at what pilonidal disease is and why you should consider visiting Dr. Abbas if you suffer from it.

What is Pilonidal Disease and its Symptoms

Pilonidal disease is an inflammatory condition, usually occurring around the tailbone or coccyx region of the lower back between the buttocks, which often develops into an abscess with equally painful sinus tracts – or holes – where bacteria collects and creates an infection. The primary symptoms are pain, redness, swelling and discharge of pus which can be foul-smelling sometimes accompanied by foul tasting drainage within the sinuses, as well as fatigue due to constant discomfort in the area.

Causes of Pilonidal Disease and Risk Factors

The cause of pilonidal disease is unknown but some contributing factors may include prolonged sitting or contact sports that involve heavy weight bearing exercising, hormonal imbalances during puberty or pregnancy and increased body hair, such as facial hair in men or pubic hair in both sexes.. Other risk factors also include obesity, family history of similar disorders such as hidradenitis suppurativae (HS) and diabetes mellitus (DM).

Diagnosis and Treatments for Pilonidal Disease 

If left untreated, pilonidal disease can lead to serious complications such as recurrent infections or even sepsis (blood poisoning) so it’s important to identify if you have it as soon as possible. Dr Manzoor Abbas offers a range of tests including physical exam, imaging scans such as MRI scan or CT scan , laboratory tests like complete blood count (CBC)test , microscopy test along with cultures to ensure your diagnosis is accurate before proceeding with treatment. Treatment options available include antibiotics courses , incision & drainage procedure , Minimally invasive endoscopic procedures surgical removal procedure using local anaesthetic based on your medical condition(s).

Benefits of Seeking Treatment 

Dr Manzoor Abbas has been treating conditions like pilonidal disease for years so he has first-hand experience dealing with complex cases . He believes in providing high quality services in addition to progressive treatments tailored specifically for each individual patient . He offers a holistic approach when treating his patients that focuses on prevention in addition to curing existing problems . This individualized approach will ensure that your particular case gets treated carefully with efficiency . Furthermore he understands how uncomfortable this type of condition can be so he takes special care to maintain patient privacy throughout all consultations.

Answers to Common Questions About Pilonidal Disease 

Q: Is there any way I can prevent getting Pilonidal Disease?
A: Yes! There are certain preventive measures one can take against developing this condition such as avoiding prolonged sitting periods without breaks; losing weight; regular exercise; maintaining good hygiene habits; avoiding contact sports involving heavy weight bearing exercises; reducing body hair; following dietary guidelines etc.. In any case please consult a professional medical practitioner if you have any doubts regarding preventive measures applicable according to your unique medical profile.

Q2: How soon do symptoms show up after being exposed?
A: It depends on various factors ranging from environmental exposure levels e.g temperature level impacts bacterial growth rate so higher temperatures could result accelerated growth rates while cold temperatures would slow down these processes . Genetics might also play part e.g certain individuals might be more prone due underlying genetic conditions than others therefore different people could present distinct timelines for symptom manifestation thereafter exposure occurs .

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